Create Possibilities offers strategic advice, tips and solutions to help you move past the blocks, fears, and barriers that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Each week Bridget Brady Pattee offers social marketing tips, business strategies, and shortcuts to help you work smarter not harder.

Bridget’s mission is to share the skills she has learned to help you streamline your productivity so you can do what you do best: creating.

Best Selling author of Cosmic Warrior, Bridget’s relatable and engaging personality will encourage you to listen to your intuition, be intentional with your efforts, and design the life you are meant to live.


Season 1, Episode 1
Take Action When You Are Scared

Our inaugural episode is about the importance of taking action even when you are scared. Everyone has fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs. But the ones that choose to take risks or try something new are the people who are truly living.

We can either be our greatest advocate or our biggest obstacle. The choice is ours. We are in control. 

The goal of Create Possibilities is to empower you to live your best life, to understand that you hold the power, and that you can pivot and make something happen. You are not stuck. You are not done. There are many ways to create possibilities for your life if you are willing to look for them and take action even when you are scared.

Season 1, Episode 2
The Power of Habits

What is your goal?

When you have a goal in mind it is important to create habits in order to keep yourself on track to reach that goal.

The Power of Habits trains ourselves to reinforce the purpose of our actions, also known as our goals. 

Some of the most successful people in the world share similar habits and in this podcast I review some of the ones I believe are the most helpful to incorporate.

Season 1, Episode 3
How To Identify Your Ideal Client

How to Identify Your Ideal Client is all about targeting your message with purpose. You have a solution that is needed. But in order to connect your solution with the right audience you need to get very detailed about who is your Ideal Client.

Download my FREE worksheet on the website, www.the-cosmic-warrior.com/resources to ensure you know the steps to take so you can clearly articulate your message.

Season 1, Episode 4
How To Effectively Sell

There are 3 Key Steps to Effectively Sell to your Ideal Client. I’ll share important strategies you need to know to be able to sell.

If you need to go back to Identifying your Ideal Client then click the Free Download on our website, www.the-cosmic-warrior.com.

Season 1, Episode 5
The 3 Steps To Create Content Strategy

The 3 Steps to Create Content Strategy helps eliminate the overwhelm so you can plan ahead. Your voice matters and it’s important to incorporate it into your content.

It is hard to run a successful business if you feel behind or stressed. 

This is a strategic marketing approach to attract the ideal client understand your mission and to take action.

Season 1, Episode 6
How To Use Your Story In Your Marketing

How To Use Your Story In Your Marketing is the way you set yourself apart from the rest. Learn how telling your story will help you grow your followers into fans.

Your story is your “why.” Tell it over and over.

Season 1, Episode 7 Learn to Pivot with Juliet Laycoe

Juliet Laycoe shares how she made a pivot in her career after two decades as a divorce attorney to create possibilities in her personal and professional life.

In addition, she talks about her book, Divorce Wisdom and how it is helping people who are going through a divorce or considering one. 

We can create possibilities for ourselves and we can also help others see the possibilities they can create in their lives, too. 

Season 1, Episode 8 Why You Need to Use Pinterest for Your Business

What is Pinterest?

To clarify: Pinterest is not a social platform – it is a search engine. 

250million+ use Pinterest each month. And they go to Pinterest to search for answers.

You have a solution that needs to be on Pinterest so people can find you. It is an active platform:

  • A decision platform
  • A solution platform
  • A dreaming platform
  • A planning platform

Learn why you need to be on Pinterest to boost your business.

Season 1, Episode 9 How To Optimize Instagram

Key strategies to learn How to Optimize Instagram for your business. There are ways you can USE this platform rather than just go ON it.

Instagram is a popular and powerful platform that could be a game changer for your business if you decide to utilize it to benefit your brand.

Go to https://linktr.ee/the_cosmic_warrior to get FREE Downloads that will help you.

Season 1, Episode 10 Why I Became an Entrepreneur

I share the story of what led me to becoming a mompreneur. It’s not what you may think!

I am now passionate about teaching women and other moms the secrets to building and creating a wellness business from home to change not only their lives but others as well.

I believe that successful entrepreneurs share a common core value: the drive behind the passion for their business is the goal to impact others and add value.

If you want to build a wellness business from home with a tribe of support to help you then I want you to join my team! Send me an email to [email protected] with a contact number so we can get on a call to discuss your goals.

Let’s work together to impact as many people as we can!

Season 1, Episode 11 How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

LinkedIn is a powerful networking tool that can be used to build relationships for your business.

LinkedIn facilitates networking. It’s a place to make connections. 

Use LinkedIn to become known and respected for the value you add and become someone people will refer.

Email me [email protected] to get on the waitlist for my bootcamp for women entrepereneurs to learn the strategies and skills to build a business that will create financial freedom for you.

Season 1, Episode 12 Amplify Your Business With Ryan Cassano

Listening to your intuition is a key tool to building your business.

Business coach Ryan Cassano joins the podcast to share his passion to shine a light on the simple tools everyone can use to create the life and business they desire.

Cassano believes the realization of human potential and serving others is the key to creating the life and business we desire.

Join his “Amplify Your Business Challenge” at https://ryancassanoppd.lpages.co/amplify



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