understanding sound healing

My first inclination is to thing sound is not healing because I felt one needed to be quiet to find calm. Well, I couldn’t be more wrong. If you don’t believe me then head to a sound bath and experience and you’ll witness for yourself the incredible healing power of sound.

A sound bath has nothing to do with water or a tub. It’s more like a yoga session. But it is far more relaxing.

Sound is healing. Sound can be used to stimulate the healing process. The way it works is sound silences the mind so one can shift form consciousness to a deeper state, a form of meditation. When this happens we are able to heal.

If you think this sounds a little bizarre then imagine a parent holding a crying newborn in their arms and softly singing a lullaby. The baby calms because the sound is soothing. This is similar.

Sound waves can reduce blood pressure and thus a great way to help with anxiety. Everything has a vibration and its own frequency. When our body is ill or, perhaps one would describe it as not at ease, then sound is a way to tune the body.

Sound baths are subtle. There are numerous instruments that can be played in succession. As you lie comfortably the sounds chime and help quiet the mind. And when your mind is still then your body naturally calms, too.

Each person reacts differently to sound. They can increase or decrease our heartbeat as well as our breathing pace. Yet sound can be used as a tool to bring the body back to a balanced state.

One benefit I felt from the sound bath was a heightened awareness. Sure, emotions can be stirred up and addressed but this is a great way to deal with them in order to move forward.

My suggestion is to bring an intention to the sound bath. Use this as an opportunity to heal. An open mind, heart and soul is the key.

Next time you feel your are getting too stressed then consider sound as a way to comfort and heal.

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