travel unlocks your true self

As a kid I was quiet and many thought I would describe me as shy. I took on that label because I  heard it so often it must be me. But as I grew up I realized I’m not shy but I like to observe. I take in situations, settings, people and feel the energy of it before I jump in. The gift of travel is it forces you to unlock your true self.

When you go on any trip – for the weekend or a bucket list kind of adventure – you are no longer in your comfortable setting and are required to adapt. The need to adjust to other factors you are not expecting set about the shift inside to bring out your real personality.

There is good reason to travel with a significant other before getting more serious because it makes each other vulnerable. When you are not in your home you are then not in control. The more one travels the better he or she can overcome fear and anxiety. The lack of control is part of life and travel can test a person and teach them to surrender and enjoy the adventure.

Travel has opened my eyes not only to the world but to my inner self. I gained tremendous confidence through travel and I have learned to trust my instinct more. You find you tap all of your senses to adjust to your surroundings

As you travel more frequently you are able to handle difficult situations that arise better and your anxiety and fear lessens. The world becomes your playground rather than something to conquer. And when you commit to exploring instead of enduring it is a transformative experience.

Travel will open your mind, heart and soul. In my opinion, there is no great gift than travel and no better teacher. I love to be a homebody but I get restless and need to get up and out. I’m not shy despite the label I was given early on. I’m quietly observing and taking it all in.

When you travel you learn to love life and you notice more about what you love about the life you are living. And if you are lucky, you find there is so much more life to live and you set out to do just that.



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