safari magic

When you travel to Africa you leave with a part of it in your heart. To experience a safari is unforgettable. There is definite safari magic happening when you are on an adventure with elephants, giraffe, rhino and lions.

It is a long journey to get there but it’s well worth the time on an airplane. Upon arrival you will be met at the airport and welcomed like family.

cosmic elephant


Kenya is my favorite location and it’s special for so many reasons. You can experience the city, mountains, lower terrain, and the coast all in one trip. Each area has it’s own unique features that are not to be missed.


Enjoy time with your family that is like no other vacation. Each person will fall in love with Africa and won’t want to leave. The only time you’ll see kids on their phones is to take photos.


Luxury tented camps are equipped to keep you comfortable yet feel like you are staring in your own version of the movie, “Out of Africa.” The guides become part of your family and you learn so much you can’t remember it all.


cosmic safari luxury tent

There is something for everyone. The outfitted Land Rovers are not the only way to explore as a group. I absolutely love the Rovers but when you ride a horse in Africa and can get within touching distance of a giraffe you get lost in the moment.

For the fit enthusiasts there are mountain bikes or options to explore on foot. There is something to being on foot and coming up to an animal that is exhilerating.

cosmic safari giraffe


The options are as vast as your imagination. I love to plan safaris because I know the trip will forever change their heart, mind and soul.

Let’s create your dream safari.

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