10 best face masks

Anyone else have a total obsession with face creams and masks? I have progressed to a full-blown addict when it comes to face creams, cleansers and masks. It was once a mild case of splurging and now it’s borderline obsession. I love all masks – clay, sheet and bubble. And it seems I am not… Read More 10 best face masks


warrior goddess

A warrior goddess is strong, powerful, and confident. How do we become this mystical powerhouse when we have an internal struggle? I feel it’s more common to compare ourselves to others and have self-doubt drain us than it is to walk around like a goddess. So how do we transform into this warrior goddess and… Read More warrior goddess


bali bliss

Why would anyone want to go to Bali? Because bali bliss is not just a phrase, it is real and it is a lifestyle that you need to see, feel and experience to believe for yourself. The amount of reasons why to go to Bali are endless but let me explain a few of the… Read More bali bliss