how to make healthy living affordable & easy

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is one thing — affording it is another. But now there’s a way to make healthy living affordable and easy. I’m so excited to share with you my most favorite secret tip on wellness.

If you are like me and made the flip — meaning, you now look at the back labels of jars more than the front labels then we are soul sisters! This means you care more about what goes into the jar rather than what cool design and style is luring you in from the actual label.

Well, soul sister do I have a great treat for you then! I have recently learned of the greatest online wellness shopping club that gets you huge discounts. And when I say the word discount I am talking 30-50% rates compared to buying similar items at Whole Foods or Target.

So buckle up my friend because when I explain that it’s only $19 per year to join you are not going to believe me. That’s right, only $19 and boom you are in!

What do you get for this membership? Well, you get access to over 500 wellness products. That’s a whole lot to choose from that get shipped from the manufacturer straight to you.

No middle man. No extra step. No pressure to buy any special product. You choose.

If I’ve gotten your attention then click this link and learn some more from me. But if you are like, “where do I sign up?” then send me a message now ([email protected]) and let’s talk.

The only way to really explain this is over the phone so we need to get on a call. There’s nothing I like more than sharing my special scoop with friends.

Click this link to set up a call. Remember — no pressure to buy any product. This would be you just getting your own membership to choose anything you want. I just want to introduce you to this great opportunity!

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