4 step content creation strategy for marketing

The content in your social media strategy is critical to your business. If your content falls flat then your business will surely feel it, too.

The reason everyone is putting a premium on the quality of content these days is because it is the most effective way to resonate with your target audience today.

This 4 step strategy will guide you to create content for marketing that resonates with your audience.

The magic of the internet has leveled the playing field for all entrepreneurs. The internet doesn’t care what college you attended, who was your friend group in high school or even what side of the tracks you grew up on.

The internet lets everyone enter the game and it’s up to you how you use your access. You can post pretty photos or aspirational-types of posts that give a glossy idea of the life you are living.

But the bragging strategy of a social media plan is not one that works to build a community and a long-term vision. If you are in it for the long haul then I suggest you create content that inspires, entertains, and educates.

How can content build trust, create a community atmosphere, and fuel a business? There are four key tips to make killer content that works for your business. These apply to any business or brand.

The first step is to make sure you have only one main idea in the content. Don’t put everything you want to say in the post. Rather, narrow it to one main idea per post.

Keep it simple by focusing on one idea. If you feel you need to include more than one idea then make it a series of posts that build on each other. Many ideas work well when they attach to another but that doesn’t mean they need to be in the same content.

The second step is catch the attention early. This happens with a great first sentence or two. If the wording in the beginning grabs the ideal client’s interest then you will get them to stick around to learn more. Otherwise, the ideal client clicks away and is gone.

There are many ways to capture attention immediately. The types that I believe work well are stories that share personal secrets or problems that were overcome. Another way is making a prediction right away and then going into depth explaining that theory. Or a good way option is to make a promise and then follow it up with details.

The third step of creating awesome content is explaining how your ideas are valuable. Offer testimonials or show proof that your idea or product works. Make it clear that you can back up your claims with tangible examples that the ideal client can understand. By showing it is possible is powerful because it convinces the ideal client that it can happen for them, too.

The fourth step most content creators neglect is giving the reader something to do. There is a hesitation about being direct with the ideal client and asking them to act. But it’s very important to put a CTA (call-to-action) at the end of the content.

Your ideal clients need to be guided. They like being asked to share, like, click, or purchase. The mistake is assuming they know you want them to do that or that you don’t want to be seen as pushy. If your ideal client believes you can help them with their problem then they are happy to take action.

Believe in yourself. Trust you have valuable information that is needed and wanted. Know that what you offer is worth purchasing.

Add value consistently. Your authenticity should be woven into the content and directed at your target audience in a way that explains clearly how you can help.

Give more. Do more. And be proactive in how you help others and your content will be able to highlight all of that.

To recap, the best content creation includes only one idea, captures attention immediately, shows proof, and asks your potential clients to do something that will boost engagement.

You are capable of creating incredible, effective content. And when you are consistently showing up and offering your ideal clients solutions then you will build upon that trust and convert sales.

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