craft the perfect bio and profile on social media

The bio and profile on your social media accounts are critical in attracting your Ideal Client. It’s that important.

Therefore, crafting the perfect bio and profile on social media is key for you business. There are 5 keys to making your profile bio better.

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First, make sure your image you use shows your face. People want to see what you look like and who you are. Always choose a photo that has your face clearly in the image.

Second, use your real name as the username. Don’t add icons or other information there because this is valuable real estate and will make it far easier to find you if you keep it just your name.

Third, don’t put all of your main info in a paragraph. Space it out. I prefer a bulleted format because the eyes can scan it quickly. You can choose a special icon per line.

Fourth, direct the visitors somewhere. Put your website or a link to a product you are selling. Make it easy to find you or contact you.

Fifth, the highights are critical. This means you need to be making Instagram Stories so you can save to the highlights. The highlights should be easy to understand and follow – ideally, have them make sense according to the core mission of your business.

It is good to understand that you have about 5 seconds to make an impression. A visitor needs to be able to assess what you do, who do you help, and should they follow you in that short amount of time.

Most do not even look at the photo grid but instead scan the bulleted points and check out the highights or IGTV. Therefore, put the time and effort into making that clear, simple, and enticing to your ideal client.

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