how to identify your ideal client: a free guidebook

Identifying your Ideal Client is the foundation to the success of your business. Everyone wants to know how to attract more clients but often want to skip the process to understand this person bette

The technique used to clearly focus on the particular client you wish to target is a skill I learned as a political campaign manager. I find my previous role of running a campaign very similar to the one I hold today as an advisor to businesses regarding their marketing strategies.

For example, the candidate cannot win the whole district or the whole state. The candidate needs to determine who are the likely voters and then direct the message to them. This is what I tell entrepreneurs for their businesses. Narrow in on who needs to understand your product or service and talk directly to them.

The message can be crafted in a way that resonates specifically with that one voter, aka client. And then the candidate or entrepreneur is tasked with explaining the story of how their message will help that voter or client in a way that is authentic and genuine.

I’ve put together a free guidebook that explains this process. It is a good exercise to go through to ensure the Ideal Client is well defined and understood.

The main points to understand:

  • Who is the targeted person who you want to reach?
  • What is their pain point or problem?
  • What is their struggle that is holding them back?
  • How is your solution going to help them?

Paint a picture for the Ideal Client. Take her on a journey from pain point to solution where you are able to explain there is hope. Your story is important because it is your opportunity to weave in emotion and get the Ideal Client to feel connected with you.

By relating to the Ideal Client you are able to communicate more effectively. There will be a sense of being heard and seen and that will in turn create trust.

Take the time to create a detailed picture of your Ideal Client so you can design a plan to bring your solution to her in a way that resonates. The best way to succeed in business is to know who you are talking to and why.

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