cosmic cleansing tips

How do you spiritually cleanse a room or your whole house? It’s kind of the same as getting rid of the negative energy. We all feel it when the negative energy hits a level that is just too much. And when you get to that point then you need these cosmic cleansing tips.

Lots of things can bring negative energy into your space. It could be negative thoughts, stress, or maybe it’s emotions are running high. These energies that are unwanted don’t just leave. Instead, they are absorbed into the walls, the carpeting, the objects in the room and all of the little tiny spaces you forget about.

Cleansing is a great habit to get into but it’s also helpful after situations such as these:

  • following an argument
  • just moved to a new apartment/house
  • after a breakup
  • when you do a good cleaning and get rid of clutter
  • after someone is sick or dies
  • after you buy an antique item or get a hand-me-down

It’s a drag, literally and figuratively when the energy is low and you need to be working on all cylinders. You deserve to be in a home that vibrates high so you can be yoru best.

If you want to get rid of the bad vibes and get some good mojo back into your room or house then you need to get to work ridding the space of the dull, drab energy that is dragging you down.

Before you begin, start with with a strong intention. Be clear about what you are clearing and what you want to bring into your home.

There are lots of remedies to cleansing a home and some include healing salts, energy crystals, and sacred things that essentially get the job done. It’s a matter of personal preference so we will leave the choice of tool you use up to you. We are fans of so many cleansing tools and wanted to give you a few tried and true options we turn to often.

Remember, negative energy doesn’t just seep into your room or your home. you absorb negative energy as well and that can affect your health.

Energy, especially negative in nature, affects the balance of your body and your health so the need to cleanse a home has a wide range of benefits. When you actively cleanse a home you are essentially rejuvenating the spiritual energy all around to provide the best conditions to thrive.

Burning is such a great tool to cleanse. It is visual, it feels good to see the smoke waft into spaces but it also smells great, too. A little smoke is both quick and effective.


Native Americans taught us about the healing and cleansing benefits of sage. They used this plant for thousands of years in their rituals. They have proven time and again it is effective. Sage works by neutralizing the energy, which can then restore health to those in need.

If you don’t have sage or want another powerful option then try Palo Santo wood. It has a calming, comforting smell. It’s simple, just light the stick and blow the smoke into all of areas of the house you need cleansed..

 The smoke will get to areas where energy could be stagnant and needs to be released. Finish the smudging at the front door where it is suggested to let it burn out or actually put it out.

Incense is an easy tool to use for cleansing. Frankincense is great at ridding the dull feelings of a room. It can detoxify by shifting the energy to higher frequencies. Its scent is said to invoke feeligns of relaxation and even elevate one’s intuitive awareness.


It seems crystals are everyhwere. Crystals are kind of the hip new trend but it’s kind of funny because these rock formations are older than anything we will ever come across. The cool thing about crystals is they absorb negative energy naturally and therefore purifies the environment without any smoke or fire or anything else.

Keep in mind, crysals need to be cleansed and activated themselves. Once again, sage to the rescue. Use sage to smudge them regularly. Or you can use another crystal to help cleanse them.

Simple Cleansing ideas:

  • keep your front door are clean because it keeps the energy positive

  • lift shades to not only bring in the natural light but also open windows as often as you can to let fresh air in freely

  • your stovetop is known to represent your health and finances so keep that clean

  • smudging as described with sage or palo santo

  • pour a little salt in the four corners of your rooms and let it sit for 48 hours in order to absorb the energy — great to do after someone has been sick to purify the room

  • if you have a bell, then ring it three times in each corner becuase it literally shakes up the stagnant energy

  • keep toilet lids shut (let’s be honest, this is a good idea anyway)

  • place the crystal selenite in your windowsill for protection and its ability to increase positive energy

If you want to keep your home running on a high vibe then try some of these cleansing tips. It could help keep your body and mind healthy, too.

If you cleanse your home regularly your energy will be raised as a result.. Don’t let your world become sluggish. We know how low energy can have a domino effect so take the proactive steps of getting it out of your home.

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