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the gua sha effect

Right or wrong, I didn’t get regular mammograms. I had one at the age of 40 but it was clear. It was not something I was concerned about becasue that was not a cancer that any of my family members developed.

However, my doctor insited I get one at the age of 48. He can be pretty convincing when he wants to and I listened. The scans showed two small clusters and one was suspicious.

I decided to get one of them removed to test. They believe they removed the whole cluster and the margins were clean. Phew. We’d just wait and watch the other one and life goes on.

The scar is not big. It’s maybe an inch or a little longer. But I’ve had knee surgeries so this was not in the same category of surgery recovery. It healed quickly and I was back to my daily life.

But I noticed over time the scar became thicker and I’d get needle sensations occasionally. It would bother me when I slept. I started to notice pains and issues more often because now my mind was focused on it.

I went and had it checked and they said it all looks good. But the pain and the thickening is just something that can happen. I was told it was my body healing itself and the needle-feeling was the nerves regenerating.

This wasn’t getting any better so I decided I needed to come up with a solution. It’s not like I was unable to go about my day but it would bug me enough that I didn’t want it on my mind anymore. I didn’t want my mind to think that maybe something was wrong.

I decided to try Gua Sha. For those of you unfamiliar with this fun sounding technique, it’s a natural, alernative solution. It basically is a device you use to scrape against your skin to improve circulation.

Since there wasn’t any concern about the clusters in the tissue I came to believe that the problem was the chi was blocked. If I could clear the blockage then the pain would subside.

Sounds easy and simple enough. Yet, when you need to break down scar tissue on the side of your breast, it’s not a breeze. It’s that saying – “good pain” yet it doesn’t feel very good.

I decided to do this technique in the shower but I’m not sure that made it any easier. But it made it consistent and that is key.

I am not sure if performing this on myself is easier or harder. I have a high tolerance for pain but this was something else.

Chinese medicine have used Gua Sha for centuries and with amazing results. The flat, handheld tool increases blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic system when it is used to scrape along the skin.

The important thing to remember is: the results are cumulative. 


I am happy to report that since I stuck with it, I have noticed a significant decrease in pain in the area as well as the scar even looks better. It is not as thick and I believe this technique not only broke down the scar tissue but the increased blood flow helped the nerves.

There are many benefits to using Gua Sha. It’s not just for scars. It is used for muscle pain, such as back and neck pain. And it’s become very popular for facials and improving skin.

If you have scars that are thick and causing you issues then consider this option. Or if you have chronic pain then this could be a great technique to relieve that, too. Look for a practitioner in your area and book an appointment to get their professional assessment on the best course of treatment.

I didn’t have anyone in my area who performed this so I tried it myself. I am glad I did but I would have preferred to go to someone who was more familiar with the practice.

This is the set I purchased. You can click to buy and give it a try yourself.

cw - gua sha

I’d love to hear how you treat scars that are thickening and causing pain. Please share your secrets!

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