perfect the messy bun

Let’s be honest, we all have days where we throw our hair back and think it’s a hairstyle. Because your hair falls into a messy bun does not mean it is a “look” or something we can pretend it is actually a style.

We’d want someone to give it to us straight so that’s what we’re doing here. But don’t worry, here are some quick tips to make that rushed, last-minute, throw your hair back kind of thing into a real “look.”

It’s not hard but it does take a few more steps than what you are currently doing.

In order to maximize the look, it’s important that we take a minute to explain the key to it all:

to achieve the “I haven’t tried” hairstyle really means you put a lot of effort and thought into it. It’s not a lazy girl’s hairdo. Just because it looks easy is the very reason it is not.

Everyone has jumped on the messy bun train because it looks playful and chic. There are few styles that can give off that impression. And the best part is it shows your personality in a way that maybe other styles can’t do as well. You feel like you.


The three steps to nail the messy bun:

Evaluate your hair — are the roots a little oily or is your hair feeling a little flat? If it’s pushing the second almost into the third day look, try this:

Use a great dry shampoo first. You want to get rid of the oil-y look before you begin.

Try Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo. It’s a sprinkle-on formula, which takes a little getting used to but is not as harmful as the aerosol kind. We care about your lungs and the planet.

If your hair is too limp and lifeless, go this route.

If your hair is falling too flat, then first try this mousse. Yarok Feed Your Roots gives volume at the roots and smells as good as it works without any parabens or bad stuff.

Now, you are ready to begin.

First, toss your head upside down. Do that flip. And use your fingers to pull your hair into a loose ponytail – you decide if you want high or low. Don’t use a brush or comb because you aren’t looking for a slicked look.

Consider spraying a little hairspray while hair is flipped over. This is a great option for straight hair. I love Josh Rosebrook LIft Hair Texture & Volume. It adds volume without anything bad ingredients – plus makes your hair stronger, healthier from the root.

Second, grab the ponytail and give it a twist. Wrap the the twisted hair to make the bun. If you have a lot of hair this is going to be more twists, obviously. The key is to leave a tail at the end. Don’t wrap it all.

Third, secure it. Use a bobby pin or a few of them to keep in place. Or use another elastic to keep the bun in the twisted mess.

There are many great bobby pins to choose from but we like the Bememo 20 pins. And for hair ties, we prefer the ones from Goody because they don’t hurt.

The next time you want to give the casual but cool vibe with a messy bun, consider adding a few more steps to the process and you’ll have heads turn as you walk by.

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