at-home manicure tips

A self-proclaimed lover of all things nails, I can’t get enough of the natural products. These are game changers and have been my latest obsession.

If you are like me and do your own nails then these at-home manicure tips are for you! I cannot tell you enough how making the switch in brands has made my nails healthier. It is so easy to shout about these nail products because I think they work better than the ones I used for years and years.

Good news is you can get these all with a simple click on the photos. Check them out and see which ones you like best. I don’t have a favorite because I love them all.

Butter is an awesome brand. I mean, who doesn’t love anything and everything out of London? It goes on smooth, lasts for what seems like forever, and is free of the 8 nasty ingredients.


Ella + Mila is sweet and fun and great for that pop of color kind of day.

Karma Organic is another great one to try. They have a range of 100 colors to choose from and I won’t be surprised if you want to try all of them!

What are the key steps for the best at-home manicure?

  • remove any polish
  • clip, file and then buff the nails
  • soak the nails in warm water with a tiny bit of soap
  • push back the cuticles — gently (optional trimming)
  • consider exfoliating the hands
  • apply base coat and allow time to dry
  • apply polish and allow time to dry
  • apply second coat of polish, if needed
  • apply topcoat
  • Relax and give the nails time to dry fully

Even if you only opt for a clear coat of polish, it is important to care for your nails. Bacteria and dirt can get stored under them and nobody wants that. Trimming nails regularly also helps them to grow stronger.

There are health benefits to maintaining a nail care routine but for me it boosts my mood. I have a hard time with long nails and need to trim mine a lot.

When I change up the nail color it just feels good. Plus, nails that are well taken care of set a great first impression. Don’t neglect your nails in your overall wellness or beauty routine.

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