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Top 3 ways aloe benefits digestion

My gut will give me issues often. My stomach can feel upset and make me burp. I am not sure what it really is but it sometimes keeps me up at night. It can get bad enough to make me want to skip a meal. I would take tums or pepto bismol at night to help me sleep and then this became kind of more frequent. I needed a solution that would last.

Everything you hear these days is the gut is the second brain. Diseases result from imbalance and that has me concerned because clearly my gut was not balanced. But I wasn’t sure what to do about it.

My way of dealing with it was to just ignore it or take a tums and assume it was something I ate.. But it would happen after I ate healthy food or random things and there was no pattern.

I didn’t think there was actually a problem with my gut. I thought it was always a temporary thing and it would pass. I thought I was smarter and knew better. I thought if I just made a small adjustment to what I ate or maybe if I didn’t eat anything at all (big mistake) then I could fix it.

That’s such a joke, right?

And then something clicked and I realized the problem wasn’t what I was eating but what was already in my gut. Oh, and the mind plays a huge part in this, too but that is for another time. The mind and our thoughts can affect our body as well.

But when I finally understood my gut was hurting I didn’t care what caused it. My goal was to offer relief so it could heal itself.

Our body gives us signs and it’s up to us to listen to them. We can ignore them or disregard them completely but the body will continue telling us there is a problem. It won’t stop until we do something.

If there is one great lesson I’ve learned in this it is to take note of the signs becuase it’s easier to make adjustments rather than go to a doctor’s office and learn there is a big problem.

I’m pretty open to new ideas where it comes to health. I explored options for the gut and none of them seemed to be quick fixes. It became clear I needed to try a few because they would likely be things I’d do often.

I’ll be honest here about this experience with aloe juice. The first time I tried it I didn’t even drink that much but it had a quick laxative effect that lasted for most of the day. I was wiped out. It may sound weird but I was grateful because my body was getting rid of the toxins and reacting properly.

I think everyone has a different reaction to new foods or techniques put into the body. It’s important to do what feels ok for you. My suggestion of aloe juice should be taken with caution because I am not a doctor. I am only explaining what I tried and how it worked for me.

My gut was in rough shape and I am glad I listened to my body. I don’t want to end up in a doctor’s office and hear that I should have noticed the signs my body gave me. I don’t know if I’ll be able to avoid a doctor’s visit in the future but I’m determined to do my best.

Aloe has done more than just benefit my digestion, it’s given me peace of mind.

The gut is critical to our overall health so whenever I learn of a new way to help my digestion I want to learn more. So when I heard that aloe benefits digestion I wanted to dig deeper. Aloe has always been this magic plant in my mind but coming to the rescue of my gut is a new secret weapon.

When you think of aloe the traditional reaction is to use it for the skin. It cools and heals wounds or burns. I have many memories of putting some fresh aloe leave gel on sunburn.

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibacterial, and also antifungal properties to it which is pretty amazing. Then add in the antioxidants it possesses makes this plant a total secret weapon. It makes more sense to list it’s characteristics in a “pro” fashion rather than all of the “anti” qualities.

Aloe adds up to one powerful punch.

So when you see aloe used for things like moisturizers or antibacterial products it makes complete sense to me.

The plant is almost prehistoric looking but has this super goo inside that when you put it on your skin there is an immediate effect. I never dreamed of actually drinking it!

However, aloe vera as a juice is a natural laxative, which when you connect the dots and getting straight to the point: it makes you poop.

But what about the aloe plant makes it great for the skin but also the digestive track?


The top 3 ways aloe benefits digestion include:


promotes regular bowel movements

encourages good gut bacteria


When the digestion is struggling there is often inflammation. In fact, inflammation is becoming more common as a main factor in many illnesses so it’s a good thing to keep track of anywhere it could present itself. Aloe juice relieves inflammation while soothing the intestinal tract.

As discussed above, aloe can get the bowels moving in the right direction. If you suffer from constipation this might work for you. There are some scientific reasons about this laxative-like reaction but I won’t get into the specifics – you can look that up if you want the nitty gritty.

And as we all know, the gut is our second brain so we need to protect and defend it. One way to do this is to make sure it has good bacteria growing in it. Probiotics are a great way to do this yet need prebiotics in order to do their job effectively. Well, aloe is a prebiotic!

If you want to make some aloe juice at home, try this recipe:

cosmic aloe recipe


Flush the toxins right out when you drink this juice on an empty stomach in the morning. Drink by mixing with water or over ice. It is often used in smoothies, too.

Aloe has become my new favorite superfood. Please let me know how you like aloe and if you notice any benefits to your digestion. I want to hear from you and appreciate all your feedback.

Note: don’t overdo it. Check with your doctor before you try any new change to your diet. Watch how your body reacts and adjust accordingly. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing! Too much aloe could make you dehydrated and cause an imbalance.

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