10 best face masks

Anyone else have a total obsession with face creams and masks? I have progressed to a full-blown addict when it comes to face creams, cleansers and masks. It was once a mild case of splurging and now it’s borderline obsession.

I love all masks – clay, sheet and bubble.

And it seems I am not alone in this camp. The beauty industry is booming and the sudden uptick in new brands hitting the market is incredible. I love it and am happy to see it. But it can be hard to navigate which ones to use.

As a teen, the mos luxurious brand to get was Clinique. Ahh, it was the bomb. Truly, The light green packaging was signature for cool girl. Then came Bobbi Brown and all of a sudden there was a right way to wear makeup. And we all felt we needed to get Bobbi Brown cosmetics if we were going to wear makeup correctly.

I’ve since come to learn that it isn’t the packaging that matters as much as the ingredients. I am now all about natural products for everything from food to cosmetics.

It matters what you put in your body as much as what you put on your body.

So, when it comes to face masks I am pretty picky. I check labels. I look at the packaging. I think about the combinations of ingredients and I double-check they are good for my skin.

And then I happily give them a try. I love this part the most. I don’t have a prefernce for a type: peel, wash off, or sheet. They each have their job to do and they are called upon when needed.

What’s important to remember is find the mask that will solve the problem ou are addressing. Don’t just pick the brand or the type of mask you like. Choose one that is intended to nourish your skin so you radiate from within.

These are my top 10 picks for face masks, in no particular order: 

SK-II Treatment Mask rescuse my skin after long flights and restores moisture and makes me feel ready to face the day.

Niod Flavanone Mud really delivers when it comes to deep cleaning and protecting the skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Goddess-Skin Clay Mask is that and more. The rosehip oil smells wonderful and leaves the skin velvety soft.

Clarins SOS Comfort Nourishing Balm Mask is incredibly on dry skin.

Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Treatment Mask does the trick at a bargain of the price.

Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask is almost too good to be true because it is gently exfoliates so the barrier is lifted and the goodness can be absorbed.

Boscia Matcha Magic Super-Antioxidant isn’t just riding the matcha-craze but it is utilizing the Japanese teac to reduce inflammation while ti tackles the grime.

Pixi Glow Mud Mask is simple yet effective in it’s ability to get rid of the bad stuff and leaving your skin brighter.

GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment looks like it all hype and a good marketing ploy but it’s ridiculously good at deep hydration and tightening the skin.

LUSH Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask has a great, minty smell which might also be the reason it adds a little zip to the skin and tingles.

The above are just some of my favorites. I’ll be reviewing the benefits of sheet masks and explaining what I’ve discovered about the whole K-beauty craze. Do your skin a favor and show it some love with a mask tonight.

Be sure to let me know your favorites, too. I love to get recommendations and happy to try your picks!

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