bali bliss

Why would anyone want to go to Bali? Because bali bliss is not just a phrase, it is real and it is a lifestyle that you need to see, feel and experience to believe for yourself.

The amount of reasons why to go to Bali are endless but let me explain a few of the top ones. It’s a magical, idyllic, island in Indonesia that has become a top destination. It has temples, palaces, volcanoes and jungles to name just a few of the things to check out. And there are surf spots, tranquil beaches, and countless locations to view the sunset.

Simply put, it is paradise.

It might be a small island but it is important to plan ahead. The raods are not that great so it’s better to avoid the roads as much as you can. Don’t be too ambitious with your expectations on seeing it all.

Getting around the island is not easy. Public transportation is not the way to go because it’s a better idea to hire a car and driver. That might sound extravagant but it’s not as expensive as you might think.

What to do?

  • Amazing beaches that offer world-class surf
  • cultural activities
  • dining, shopping, nightlife
  • top resorts and varied housing options
  • spa
  • golf, fishing, hiking, scuba diving


Many will choose to visit Bali to surf, lounge on a pristine beach, seek spiritual healing, or come for wellness benefits. Whatever the reason, Bali is the ultimate destination.


what about wellness?

The energy of the island offers healing for the mind, body and spirit. The island infuses beauty, nature and Hindu spirituality throughout. It is possible to eat healthy food everywhere you go. And if you are seeking yoga or spa then this is your kind of place. It has world-famous spa treatments and offers yoga for all levels. A visit to Bali is more than a vacation, it is great for your health.


Where to go?

South Bali

This is where most people visit and where the focus is on tourism. The famous Kutu Beach draws large crowds and feels like a party.

It’s also where you find the younger tourists and and more affordable accommodations.


This is the most well-known area and has been the typical backpacking stop in Southeast Asia for decades. While it first drew surfers for the waves of the Indian Ocean beachfront it continues to attract visitors from Australia.


A beachfront town that is between Kuta and Seminyak. It’s more relaxed and quieter than Kuta.


Another beach town in South Bali but is more fancy than some of the others. It is a sophisticated area with luxury accommodations,  great boutiques, and hip dining.


This area has many 5-star resorts, amazing villas and is known as Millionaire’s Row. There are great restaurants on the beach with the best sunset views. While it doesn’t have a nightlife it is close enough to Kuta or Seminyak.

Bukit Peninsula

This is the southernmost point of Bali. Surfers made this popular back in the day and remains a favorite location for the surf. It has some of the best beaches on the island, notably Blangan Beach, which is the famous cliff-hanging temple at Uluwatu.

Nusa Dua

Host of many luxury hotel, the best golf course, museum, as well as calm waters for swimming. Only accessible for guests of the luxury hotels and is a safe area that is favored mostly by families with children.


.This is the oldest resort area and as such attracts the older tourists and families. It has many restaurants to choose from and is slightly more expensive than Kuta or Seminyak.

Central Bali

This is the heart of the island. It takes an hour to drive to Kuta yet is a world away in terms of feel.


This is where you find the traditional Bali. It is full of culture and is the hub for artists. It is considered a spiritual center with meditationa retreats situated among rice terraces and temples.


Centered around three crater lakes it covers the central highlands. It is ideal for nature lovers. Hikers, bikers and photographers love the waterfalls, botanical gardens, and overall natural beauty.

North Bali

This coastal area feels like a completely different island. It used to be the capital and retains some of that history. It has quiet, black sand beaches that gives it a special atmosphere.


If you want to be far from the scene then this is the place for you. It is much slower paced yet has beautiful, black sand beaches that are perfect for all of your water sports.

East Bali

Nature lovers are drawn to this area. It has rainforests, rice terraces, mountains, volcanoes, temples, and lots of diving areas. It hosts Moutn Agung volcano and the Besakih temple, which is well knows as the Mother Temple of Bali.


If you like fishing then head to this area. This location is great for the scenery and black sandy beaches. It is becoming more popular with tourists yet still retains a great pace to experience the life of the locals.


A relaxing, tranquil atmosphere is the perfect area to pick if you want ot see Mount Agung or Bali Aga village. Divers come from near and far to check out the best diving in Bali.

Tirta Gangga

A little village is 20 minutes from more popular coastal town but it hoss the best trekking in Bali. It has stunning landscapes, a maze of pools and fountains and stone carvings. The Hindu Balinese revere this area.

West Bali

The least populated and also the area that sees the fewest visitors. Most of the area is uninhabited becuase it is dominated by West Bali National Park.


This small fishing village is more and more popular. it draws fishermen and underwater enthusiasts. It contains the most shallow reefs and is loved by snorkelers and divers.


A really small village that is a surfing hub. It feels like the old Bali of the 1970s back before tourism boomed.

If a destination has the nickname “island of the gods” or “land of a thousand temples” then it is a sign to put it on your list of places to visit as soon as you can. Don’t wait.


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