listen to your intuition

Listen to your intuition and take control of your life. Trust your gut and you will feel freedom. Take the time to breathe, relax and believe in yourself. You have always had this abiity but have learned to suppress it over time. Take back control and create possibilities for your life.

Intuition — there is so much to this one word. When you trust it your whole world can open up. You must fully release your guard and trust yourself. Let go of fear, worry and doubt. There is no place for any of that with your intuition.

The key is the trust needs to be unconditional.

When you listen to your intuition it is the first step to taking control. That is a great feeling. And once you understand you are in control then you have a mind shift.

Intuition is your body’s way of giving you signals. You have the signs and it is up to you to see them. You do not have to be a passive player in your life. Instead, when you tap into your intuition and notice the signs then you become the architect of your life.

What are the steps to take to go from a hunch to knowing?

  • Take the time to breathe.
  • Feel it.
  • Relax.
  • Allow yourself to listen to your gut.
  • Then, you must trust what your gut is telling you and believe it.
  • The magic follows.

Each of us has this ability within us. As children we feel it freely and we are slowly taught over time to ignore it. As we grow up we are trained to act a certain way depending on the situation rather than first feeling and then acting.

We enter the world with all of these amazing gifts and talents and it can sometimes take us a lifetime to realize that we have suppressed these skills that were meant to guide us all along.

The best news is it is not too late. You can tap into your intuition and begin the process of building the confidence to trust your gut. You already have the tools so take the time to sharpen them.

The possibilities you can create are endless.

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