inner goddess

The last two months have felt like walking in quicksand. Mars is in retrograde and it’s like a burst of energy has been unleashed and goals can be achieved. The inner goddess in all of us is ready to shine.

Take advantage of this rare retrograde (only happens every two years). Action is the name of the game and we can all get going on our plans.

There is a beautiful, confident, powerful inner goddess in each of us. Let her shine. Tap into that energy and feel her mojo.

You may not know exactly where you want to go but it doesn’t matter. You will get there if you let your inner goddess take the lead. She has been in the background too long and she can help you reach your goals.

When your inner goddess is unleashed you will find that the universe lights the path for you. The bold, clear-eyed moves of your inner goddess set the tone and you will be amazed at how your goals become within reach.

Once you truly embrace your inner goddess and let her shine it will be a huge shift in your life. It will positively impact your life when you take on her energy, passion, and desire.

Make the pivot and create the possibilities that arise when your inner goddess is allowed to shine brightly.


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