spirit signs are everywhere

Have you ever felt that certain signs, symbols or maybe numbers kept popping up when you needed guidance? It’s no coincidence. I truly believe your Spirit Guide(s) is talking to you and leaving these clues. The spirit signs are everywhere and it’s up to you to take notice.

When you decide to believe your Spirit Guide exists and start to trust they are leaving signs simply for you, then you can have fun with it. In fact, your Spirit Guide wants you to have fun and has a good sense of humor.

It is confusing what are signs from spirit and what are just objects that pop up randomly. My suggestion is to take a moment, close your eyes and breathe. Be fully aware of your breath and then ask for a sign from your Guide. Say it out loud or in your head. Do you see anything when you close your eyes? If not, that is ok. Open your eyes and begin taking mental notes of things all-around you and I am certain you are going to start seeing something repeatedly.


I feel a strong pull to butterflies as the main symbol from my Spirit Guide. I also see numbers in two’s or three’s and that is often attributed to Spirit Guides. I actually have a specific number that I feel is shown to me as a sign and when I see it I pause to consider what message it conveys at that moment.


The butterfly as my symbol does have to be an actual, live butterfly. In fact, it could a word in a song, a painting on a wall, or an abstract drawing on a t-shirt someone is wearing. It can be anything that has the word, name, or shape of a butterfly if it is not the actual thing for real.

The only point that matters is I take notice of it. And when I see a butterfly I can’t help but smile. I give a nod of thanks and tell my Guide that I appreciate the sign.

It’s fun to ask for a sign and then see it so soon. I did this recently with my daughter as we were driving to a concert. It was a concert for Taylor Swift, in fact. We were stuck in bad traffic and felt like so many things were building up to make arriving in time a real challenge. We then decided to ask for a sign if we should continue on or turn around.

And just like that – the car in front of us changed lanes to reveal a taxi that was now right in front of us with the number 13 on it. It’s pretty well known that Taylor Swift loves the number 13. We laughed. And then we did a few more things for Spirit to tell us and it was just odd how many clues we noticed as we asked for signs.

The whole idea of signs from a Spirit Guide sound pretty far-fetched to most people. And I completely understand that sense of skepticism. However, I urge you to start taking notice of clues. I have no doubt there will be numerous signs all over and you’ll be amazed by the humor in how you are seeing the signs.

When you begin to see signs regularly it becomes easier to accept and trust that these are meant for you. It’s so fun to not only recognize the clues but trust in them. The relationship with your Spirit Guide is special and when you believe and trust in it fully then the whole world seems to open up and become more alive to you.

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